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Larry De Cair

Smart Solutions Architect

Larry De Cair serves as Smart Solutions Architect for GZ6G Technologies and Smart Networks division. With more than 30 years of network engineering expertise, De Cair develops business technology strategies to help local and national clients optimize and innovate their operations.

De Cair’s extensive experience helps Green Zebra deliver and support fast, reliable, and secure solutions for complex systems--protecting against cybersecurity threats, reducing downtime, creating new capabilities, and finding efficiencies in overall costs.

Before joining GZ6G Technologies, De Cair was a Senior Systems Engineer at EBS Innovations and worked in the managed service provider (MSP) space with a diverse customer base. A Navy Veteran, De Cair served as a Combat System Division Three (CSD-3) Supervisor from 1985 to 1991. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Carson State University and is CCNA certified.

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Travis Milam

GZ6G Smart Labs

Travis Milam serves as a UI/UX designer for GZ6G Technologies. Travis designs and builds prototypes for new software and web applications, with a strong focus on the overall user experience.
Before joining Green Zebra, Travis was a content designer for the JBugs family of automotive companies, where he spearheaded the visual redesign of multiple websites, as well as creating promotional campaigns, content, and graphics.

Travis holds a degree in Arts & Technology from the University of Texas at Dallas, as well as a certification in UX Design.

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Abdallah Altabakhi

Network Engineer

Abdallah Altabakhi serves as a Network Engineer for GZ6G Technologies in the Green Zebra Networks division. Altabakhi is a CCNP/CCNA Engineer with extensive experience in LAN/WAN design, configurations, and deployment.

Prior to joining Green Zebra Networks, Altabakhi managed networks for Cyber Trust Company and Metro by T-Mobile.

Altabakhi holds a Masters in Computer Information Systems degree from the California University of Management & Science. He completed his Bachelor’s in Electronics and Communications Engineering degree from Ahliyya Amman University.

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Peter Malecha

Director of Digital Marketing

Peter Malecha serves as the Director of Digital Marketing for the Green Zebra Media Division of GZ6G Technologies Corp. Malecha has more than 25 years of experience in Digital Marketing and is an expert in building digital marketing teams, creating strategic campaign initiatives, and developing innovative strategies for social media and global branding.

Malecha spearheads new approaches for digital marketing by prioritizing the consumer journey with a team focused on distributing brand, catalog, and product stories. He has led the design of new retail footprints including retail size, signage, light engineering, and merchandising.

Before joining Green Zebra Media, Malecha worked for ASICS Corporation, as Director of Creative & Production. He directed cross-functional studio teams and contractors, launched ASICS brand guidelines, and supervised writers, editors, and content strategists.

Malecha holds a degree in Professional Designation Design & Manufacturing from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising and an undergraduate degree from the University of California, Los Angeles in Industrial Design.

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Ross Cauvel

Senior Copywriter

Ross Cauvel serves as a Senior Copywriter to GZ6G Technologies. Ross pens everything from brand campaigns to videos to press releases for Green Zebra and Green Zebra’s media partners. Ross serves Green Zebra’s advertising clients with a knack for helping brands fit with the right audience at cities and venues across North America. His advertising campaigns have won a handful of coveted industry awards.

Cauvel holds a degree in Marketing from the University of Vermont and earned his copywriting certification from The Creative Circus in Atlanta, Georgia. He also attended Second City in Chicago for improv and sketch writing. When Ross isn’t wielding a keyboard, he keeps his ear to the ground for movies, sports, music, books, TV, and breaking tech.

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Coleman Smith

Chief Executive Officer

Coleman Smith is Chief Executive Officer (CEO), President and Chairman of the Board for GZ6G Technologies Corp. (OTC Markets: GZIC), a complete enterprise-smart solutions provider for large venues and cities. Focused on acquiring smart city solutions, developing innovative products, and overseeing smart cities and smart venues, GZ6G Technologies also helps modernize clients with innovative wireless loT technology for the emerging 5G and Wi-Fi 6 marketplace. This includes stadiums, airports, universities, and smart city projects.

As Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Smith oversees all aspects of GZ6G’s strategy, operations, acquisitions, and the development of new technology offerings for clients. With more than 30 years of experience and leadership in the telecommunications industry, Smith founded GZ6G Technologies Corp (OTCBB GZIC) in 2018.

Smith also serves as CEO and President of Green Zebra Media Corporation, a majority-owned subsidiary of GZ6G Technologies Corp, a title he’s held since its inception in July 2014. GZ6G Technology divisions include Green Zebra Network, providing IT hardware and software solutions as well as wireless networking services that include managed services, Green Zebra Smart Labs, IoT software applications integrated for commercial, industrial, and user engagement technology as well as monetization and data analytics, and Green Zebra Media, a full-service marketing, sales and advertising division for clients.

Since 2003, GZ6G Technologies is the trusted smart solutions provider for cities and venues such as Governor’s Island, NY, winning the NYC x Governor’s Island Connectivity Challenge in 2018 for providing the next generation of wireless technology solutions for the 176-acre island located in the heart of New York Harbor. The city of Des Moines, IA, and MidAmerican Energy Company’s RecPlex Sports Complex are the most current GZ6G Technologies clients.

Smith also serves as Chairman of the Board, CEO, and President of ELOC Holdings Corporation since its inception in 2001. ELOC Holdings Corporation is a digital media technology holdings company. Subsidiaries own and operate proprietary Web TV channels, social media network channels, 100’s of hours of documentaries, training and education programs, e-learning technology, digital content distribution technology, file sharing & collaboration technology, digital video production, and software development. An experienced industry executive, Mr. Smith held numerous roles in Fortune 500 companies, including Major and National Account Representative for MCI Communications, Senior Clinical Representative for General Electric, and Senior Business Analyst for Dun and Bradstreet.

Smith is a graduate of East Tennessee State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and also has his Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Southern California.