1. How Can WiFi Grow Your Business?

Where do we go with our business and smart technology? Welcome to Dollars and Data, setting the foundation for you as a business owner, by focusing on how technology can improve your business.

I’m William “Cole” Smith and I’ve helped businesses embrace technology in a way that allows them to monetize something that was initially chalked up as a business cost. Making sense of technology and creating a pathway for your business future is the name of the game.

Today’s example on this, the first episode, of Dollars and Data, is all about WiFi as a recent example of how having accessible internet has been such a game changer for businesses that have been prepared to harness its power. 

I’m wanting to help you use this technology to buy back time – time that you can then reinvest in your business (or ideally, yourself) – and make your life more efficient as a result. Don’t be afraid of technology. Technology is your friend. Please join me.

 “There’s technology that’s built every day, and a lot of business owners out there are missing the opportunities to give back themselves time. And time is what we don’t have a lot of.”

~ William “Cole” Smith

In This Episode:

– Where do you want to go with your business?

– Where are you going to establish that business?

– Understanding the importance of WiFi in your business

– Cole’s examples of successfully rolling out WiFi for retail businesses

– What are the things you want to automate in your business? 

– Using technology to make your life more efficient and get back time

– How mobile apps have changed the consumer landscape

– Generating more revenue with less work using technology

And so much more!

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